Glass Cannon Featured on Center For Enamel Art Blog by Aaron Decker

Work from Glass Cannon series recently featured on Center for Enamel Art Blog 



'glass cannon' series


Aaron Decker, a newly minted MFA grad from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, constructed and enameled these killer jewelry pieces inspired by his childhood toys. Each a few inches across, they were just shown at ornamentum gallery at Design Miami. Above, a brooch and a necklace from the series “Glass Cannon.” More of Aaron’s work is at his website,, and on his instagram, aaronpdecker.




Texts by Aaron Decker & Marina Elenskaya

All series of his work are comprehensively presented in texts and photographs of objects and portraits. Many previously unpublished views of installations and exhibitions as well as numerous drawings and sketches enhance the review, all complemented by video clips that can be accessed via QR codes, which provide the reader with short movies featuring background information about Peters’s work, those who wear his pieces and the art of jewellery. The last chapter of the catalogue will be dedicated to Peters’s latest, hitherto unpublished series. - KLIMT02

derby and his badges interview by Aaron Decker

Michigan-based artist Aaron Decker engages with potentially ominous imagery, such as military medals and hand grenades, by playfully reimagining them into innocuous forms disarmed through exaggeration and reconfiguration. In this conversation, Aaron reveals the deeply personal origins of his creative practice and contextualizes the militaristic imagery that underlies the works on view in his first solo exhibition, Derby and His Badges, at Ornamentum.

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