Aaron Patrick Decker

Starsy Ring

Enamel, Silver, Sz.7

One of a Kind piece.

Please contact Ornamentum Gallery.


Glass Cannon, Shabby Enamel

Enamel, an ancient tradition, is treated with irreverence and childlike freedom in the works of Aaron Decker. characterized by cut stars, messy coloring, and a youthful play - the jewelry is a statement to say the least.

Bright colors, sawn out stars, class rings, dollar store aesthetics, and glittery gestures come together in rings, earrings, brooches and necklaces. A military brat by design, Deckers jewelry is an idyllic take on that rebel kid stuck in his room drawing flowers, tanks, guns, and rings. All while a band of men pass by his window ‘left, left, left, right left…..’


Stripey Ring

Enamel, copper, silver.

Please contact Galerie Marzee for availability.


My Dads military badges, military rings…

I found myself looking up into the dark sky a ceiling plastered with glowy stars legs tangled in a sleeping bag.

grandmas crochet blanket rolled up like a pillow under my neck

looking at me he seemed queer i thought as the warm christmas lights danced.